6 Months Supply - Inkology Tattoo Removal Cream

Inkology is here to help with your unsightly tattoo and semi-permanent make up.  This all-natural, safe on your skin tattoo removal option is both effective (98.7%) and cost-efficient.  If you are in need of a tattoo removal system that you can do at home, pick up some Inkology removal cream today. 


This is for a 6 months supply.  You will start to see the tattoo fading in 4-6 months, but the overall time is 8-12 months to complete the process. Picking up the 6 month supply can certainly get you on your way to the new you.


6 Months supply is not enough to remove your unwanted tattoo, most tattoos take 8/12 months depending on size/age/color.


We have spent years developing our product in research centers and leading laboratories. Under clinical tests, our product is proven successful in all our trials. There are no other effects of this treatment and it contains only natural ingredients. No harsh chemicals, artificial products, or additives. This product provides you with the most effective natural body enhancement. A solution proven by all our customers, try it today.



2 x 100ml Tubes



• Clinically proven to fade away from your tattoo progressively!

• The cream formulation contains 100% safe and natural!

• Ingredients will permeate the skin's dermis to fade the tattoo by attacking the ink.

• Remove tattoo artwork or permanent cosmetics, quickly, efficiently & comfortably.

• Our products are tested & developed alongside an expert team.

• Inked Up products guarantee great results, fast!

• Worldwide shipping


We strongly recommend a min of a 12 months supply to remove your unwanted tattoo.

6 Months Supply - Inkology Tattoo Removal Cream