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What You Need to Know to Lessen Tattoo Regret Anxiety

Tattoos are an art form in which your body is the canvas. And while being able to play host to so much incredible art can be wonderful, many people hesitate to get them because it is a big commitment. After all, a tattoo is permanent and you don’t want to end up regretting it.

If your heart is drawn to the idea of a tattoo but you are afraid of what getting one could mean, you may be experiencing tattoo regret anxiety. But is tattoo regret really as common as people think? And if so, how can you lower your risk of regret and cope with regret anxiety? Let’s take a look.

Why Do People Regret Getting a Tattoo?

It is quite possible for people to end up regretting their tattoos. But what are the statistics behind tattoo regret?

Well, in one survey, 600 people with tattoos were asked a series of questions. The grand takeaway from the survey was that around 78 percent of the people in the survey said they regretted at least one tattoo. But by examining other elements of the survey, we can understand further the reason behind the regret and other factors that may be relevant.

For example, most people were in their 20s or below when they got the tattoo that they regret the most. Interestingly, only six percent of the respondents had a regretful tattoo in their 30s—and the percentage decreases with age.

People that regret their tattoo also didn’t think it through that much. To elaborate further, 28 percent of the respondents had only been planning to get their tattoo for a few hours. Additionally, 24 percent and 21 percent of respondents had been only planning for a few days and a few weeks respectively. From the data, it seems clear that sitting on your idea for a few weeks before making a decision means less chances of regret.

The respondents were also asked the reason behind their regret. Around 35 percent indicated impulsiveness as their primary reason. On the other hand, 29 percent said that it was because the tattoo did not have any significance to them. And in another question, 40 percent of respondents said that they regret their tattoo because they did not like how it looked. Around 31 percent of the respondents also admitted that their regret is because they no longer relate to the initial significance of the tattoo.

How to Deal With Tattoo Regret Anxiety

Based on what we learned from the survey, a large number of people seem to end up regretting their tattoo if they did not take their time before making a decision. That means you can lessen your tattoo regret anxiety and reduce your risk of regret by planning out your tattoo and sitting on the decision for some time—maybe even a few months!

However, even with careful planning, it is still common to feel tattoo regret anxiety immediately after getting your tattoo. This is understandable since you’re still not used to your body looking this way. To cope with the anxiety involved, it is essential to give yourself time to let the experience sink in. Just because you don’t love it immediately doesn’t mean it’s a mistake. Sometimes, all you really need is time and some patience.

However, if you still regret your tattoo despite the amount of time passed, there are ways to have it removed. If you really don’t want it on your body anymore, you don’t have to keep it. You can have it removed via laser or tattoo removal products.

Final Thoughts

While tattoo regret is common, that doesn’t mean you will end up regretting your tattoo. By taking the right measures, you can lower your risk of regret and fall in love with your tattoo. And if you still regret it, you can always have it removed in the future.

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