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Things You Should Know Before Proceeding with a Tattoo Removal

The prospect of getting a tattoo is as thrilling as it is tantalising. The adrenaline rush that drives one to get a tattoo is so vehement that it leaves ample room for avenues that are ridiculously fraught. One moment your eyes are glistening at the sight of the tattoo pen hovering over your skin to ink it with your favourite pattern or phrase, the next they are replete with morose. Not everything comes out as aesthetically or as gorgeously as you visualise them to be, and sometimes these disappointments can be a little too much to stomach.

Where does tattoo removal come into the picture?

The entire rollercoaster of emotions that was described above is all part and parcel of the journey that is associated with getting a tattoo. As pleasing as it is to walk out of the tattoo parlour, flaunting the design of your dreams, equally devastating is that ubiquitous blunder that leaves you with a blot that you neither desired nor hoped for. As is consistent with any other individual out there, tattoo artists are equally prone to fits of human error and much to your dismay can not be held entirely accountable for that odd goof-up every now and then. Besides, there’s little that they can do about it once the damage has already been done.

In place of ruing the mess and channelising your frustration at the artist, what you can do instead is take the smart way out and choose to get the tattoo removed altogether. It is easy, affordable, accessible, and has no consequences whatsoever. However, with many cheap tattoo removal options announcing themselves in the market these days, the scope of getting misguided and misinformed is rather ripe.

Hence, before you even lock down on the best alternative to remove tattoos, here is a list of things that you must be aware of prior to proceeding with a tattoo removal.

Always consult a doctor:

Most people commit the mistake of not seeking any professional or medical advice and relying on casual suggestions and word-of-mouth tips while going about their tattoo removal. Subsequently, they end up incurring a host of skin problems and other complications that could have been easily avoided otherwise.

Often when people opt for the laser route for removing their tattoos, they find themselves at the receiving end of outdated equipment such as heat lasers which inflicts grave burns and scars on their skin. Thus, prior to scheduling an appointment with an aesthetician you are advised to carry a background check of their setup to ensure that it has medical supervision in place. Consulting with someone who has had practical experience with laser removal procedures in the past can prove to be extremely helpful as well.

Tattoo removal takes time:

Contrary to popular belief, getting a tattoo removed is a time-consuming process. It doesn’t happen instantaneously, and techniques that promise to achieve so such as laser removal and the kind are often unregulated and thus largely frowned upon. The entire process of tattoo removal is phased out into multiple sessions and subsequently the overall timeline of the mechanism spreads itself across the greater part of the year.

The reason behind tattoo removal being time-intensive is that the tattoo exists in layers, and with every session that you attend, a segment of its particles gets disintegrated and digested by the immune system of our bodies. Consequently, before attending the next session, the individual in question has to mandatorily wait out the regeneration period which lasts for up to 8 weeks.

No ink gets left behind:

A popular misconception which usually does the rounds concerning tattoo removal is that it is difficult to remove tattoos of ink that are light and coloured. Traditionally, the hues of green and yellow were considered rather stubborn colours to get rid of.

However, with the advent of new technology-infused tools, this hypothesis no longer holds true. Nowadays, it is as easy to get rid of light hues as it is to remove the darker ones. Consequently, one doesn’t have to worry about any sort of residual colour post the tattoo removal process as well.

Get clothes that don’t rest on the tattoo:

Getting a tattoo removed is by no means a rosy process and entails its fair share of discomforts. Unless you are making use of a tattoo removal cream before and after the process, the designated spot ends up being rather sore.

You are thus advised to keep first-aid stuff such as bandages, Aquaphor, and Lubriderm and the kind at your disposal, at least during the first week of its healing. Additionally, you are also encouraged to don clothing materials that are loose-fitted and which do not irritate the portion where the tattoo removal procedure has taken place.

Inkology to the rescue:

Inkology’s premium range of the best tattoo removal creams out there not only present you with a welcome break from traditional tattoo removal procedures but also present you with the most-hassle free spectrum of methods to get your ink designs removed. Guided by a team of world-renowned specialty healthcare experts we take pride in distributing the safest and most effective tattoo removal cream in the market out there.

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