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How a Tattoo of Your Ex’s Name Can Affect Future Relationships

Love is all-encompassing. It has the power to change a person's life, either for better or for worse. If you think you've found the one, you'll likely go through great lengths to express your affection for them.

In the modern world, many look to art to achieve such a feat—specifically, body art or permanent tattoos. After all, tattooing your partner's name (or face) on your body is one way of expressing your desire to stay with them for the rest of your days.

It's a sweet gesture if you've already committed to it. However, it may make life difficult for you in the future should you two separate.

Here are some of the ways a tattoo of your ex's name or face can affect your future relationships.

It's Awkward to Look At

Tattoos, especially meaningful ones, serve to remind us of specific parts of our lives. Most of the time, they're pleasant to think about, but in the case of your ex's name (or face), it's a constant reminder of the past and what you once had.

Now, it may be awkward for you, but it'll likely be more terrible to look at for any of your future partners. It's a territorial mark of a person that came before them.

The tattoo is like the elephant in the room. It's always there during your dates and regular hangouts and becomes an even more oppressing presence when you're performing bedroom activities.

It's a Roadblock for Healthy Relationships

Past relationships often saddle you with baggage that you can't help but bring into new relationships. Your tattoo acts as a physical reminder of everything that you went through with your ex. It applies not only to you but to your partner, too.

Sure, your new partner may choose to be the bigger person for a while, but the tattoo will undoubtedly cause a rift if its placement is on a more visible spot. There may come a time when your partner may ask you to have it removed, and the constant request may wear you down and annoy you.

How to Remove Your Unwanted Tattoos

Fortunately, all is not lost despite the permanency that tattoos may entail. There are cosmetic tattoo removal options, thanks to modern technology and innovations. You can learn about some of them below.

Laser Removal

Laser tattoo removal is the most common yet expensive way to remove tattoos with minimal side effects from your body.

The laser tattoo removal treatment involves exposing the ink in the skin’s dermal layer to intense pulses of light which break down the ink molecules so they can be flushed out through your body’s natural physiological processes.

Tattoo Cover-up

Another way to rid yourself of the tattoo is to cover it up with a new piece. It's cost-effective and takes up less time. However, you should note that you'll need to find a very talented artist to ensure they do the cover-up correctly.

Removal Creams

Last but certainly not least are tattoo removal creams. They have gained popularity in recent times since they're very accessible and affordable. Including it in your skincare routine will eventually yield results in the form of a faded tattoo.

Keep in mind, though, that it's better to invest in professionally made tattoo removal creams instead of DIY remedies since the latter may cause infection or irritation in the tattooed area.

Final Thoughts

Tattoos are lifelong commitments, but it doesn’t mean that you have to suffer from a terrible choice in your future relationships. If you can, try not to get your partner’s name or face tattooed despite how well the relationship is going. Has the deed been done already? Don’t fret since there are many ways to get the tattoo removed.

If you're looking for quality tattoo removal creams, then consider checking out Inkology Tattoo Removal Centre. We carry the Inkology line, which features months of supply of tattoo removal cream that can help you remove unwanted permanent tattoos.

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