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Tips to Removing Your Cosmetic Tattoo If You Don’t Like It Anymore

Some people live and breathe art. There are many kinds of art for everyone, but those who have an unquestionable devotion for it go as far as getting tattoos on their bodies. Getting a tattoo done by an excellent artist is always a good thing—but it also involves a lifelong commitment. Luckily, some tattoos aren’t permanent, such as cosmetic tattoos.

Cosmetic tattoos look the same as regular tattoos but with one significant difference: they wear off after a specific period (five years). It makes them the best choice for a person who wants to have a non-permanent tattoo. The reason is that cosmetic tattoos only use pigments rather than ink.

Like any other tattoo, however, there may be the slightest chance that you might not like the final output of your tattoo. Even if it wears off, those five years are still a very long time, and you might want to remove it sooner. Fortunately, this article lists down ways to remove your cosmetic tattoo if you don’t like it anymore, so read on below to learn more.

1. Wait It Out Until It Fades

As the cosmetic tattoo heals up, you will lose about 60 percent of the pigment, leaving you with nothing to do but wait it out because the situation isn’t as dire at first. If you’re still unsatisfied, you can try other things before getting a laser tattoo removal, which costs a lot and poses some risks.

2. Apply Retinol Products

After getting a cosmetic tattoo, your artist will request you not to use retinol on the area where you want the tattoo for about eight to twelve weeks before and after. Retinol is an ingredient used in anti-aging skincare products that stimulates a faster turnover rate for skin cells.

In other words, your skin will heal faster—meaning the tattoo will fade away quickly as well. The retinol works by absorbing the pigment, making it easier to remove a cosmetic tattoo.

3. Have It Color Corrected

If you think the tattoo is fine but the color isn’t, it’s best to have it color corrected. Doing so results in your tattoo getting a touch-up, making it look good as new once it’s done. However, Before trying it, here are some things to note:

  • Color correction only neutralizes unwanted hues; it doesn’t remove the pigment or make it lighter by any means.

  • More layers of pigment will be added, so it will be harder to remove it if you decide to in the near future.

4. Let Your Body Sweat

It sounds silly, but hear us out. When your body produces sweat, your skin will push out any impurities that remain on the body—including pigments that will leave the body anyway. If you want the removal process to be faster, you can combine sweating it out with retinol products.

5. Seek a Professional Skin Expert

Going to a professional skin expert to remove your cosmetic tattoo is the best way to go about your situation. A skin expert will use peeling products with a combination of dermabrasion treatments to remove the tattoo by eliminating the skin’s surface layers, allowing new cell growth.


Cosmetic tattoos are an excellent choice for anyone who wants a tattoo without a lifelong commitment. They can last for a long time before fading, so it’s no secret that they can look bad as time passes by. You can use the methods mentioned above not to prolong the ink on your body.

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