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Pretty Fairy Tattoo Designs (With Names and Meanings)

There are many feminine tattoos available to choose from, if you are looking for a new ink design to get, or if you are considering getting a cover-up for an existing tattoo. One of the most popular choices is that of dainty fairy tattoo designs.

Many cultures believe in fairies and associate these creatures with beauty and mystery. If you are thinking of getting a fairy tattoo, it may be a good idea! The key is finding the one you want. There are plenty of options and designs available, and this blog post will outline the best ones!

Pretty Fairy Tattoo Designs (With Names and Meanings)

If you are looking for fairy tattoo designs for your next ink, you have come to the right article! Below, you will find some of the trendiest fairy tattoo designs you may want to consider for your next tattoo.

1 - Playful Shoulder Fairy

You may want to get a playful fairy on your shoulder. Playful fairy designs are meant to give the tattoo more character. These tattoos may often have the fairies grinning widely, as if they had just done something extremely fun. The fairies in these tattoos are often depicted to be feminine, fun and often have a coy and mischievous expression.

2 - Fairy Wings

One of the most beautiful things about fairies is that they have beautiful, delicate wings. You may opt to get your own set of fairy wings by getting a back tattoo of fairy wings. If you are looking to take flight and reach your true potential, this tattoo may be the inspiration to help you get started.

3 - Tinkerbell

One of the most famous, if not the most famous fairy, especially among ladies who grew up watching Disney movies is Tinkerbell. Many women like getting a Tinkerbell tattoo because of its neat design, you may want to get a tattoo of this little green fairy on your wrist, arm, or lower leg.

4 - Fairy with Flower

Another pretty design for a fairy tattoo is one that accompanies a flower tattoo as well. Fairies are known to sit on pretty flowers, and having this type of tattoo will be an instant work of art. The flower will add an extra burst of color and life to your tattoo.

5 - Back Tattoo with Multiple Fairies

If you are looking for a back tattoo, you may want to consider getting one with multiple fairies and flowers. It may take a few sessions to get done, but if you are looking to cover up a previous tattoo, this design will work great!


Fairies are often associated with positive emotions and feelings like love, hope, and peace. If you are looking to add these emotions into your life, getting a tattoo to start living more positively may be the way to start. There is a great abundance of designs and images when it comes to fairy tattoos. Selecting the right one should stem from your personal preferences, what you want the tattoo to represent, and the part of your body where you will place the tattoo. Also, working with a skilled tattoo artist will go a long way in making sure that the design you want will come to fruition.

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