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How Do People Benefit from a Simple Tattoo Removal Service?

Getting a tattoo always requires a sound decision. As most people fear it will not look great on them, some would take a leap of faith yet fail to get their expected results. However, it isn’t too late to remove mistakes nowadays, especially for unwanted tattoos.

Tattoos add a layer of confidence to people who get them for the first time. However, that same instant confidence boost suddenly fades away after seeing that their expected outcome isn’t at par with what they got. In 2015, a study linked the correlation between the number of tattoos and a person’s confidence level. It was found that people with more tattoos reported having higher self-esteem than those with fewer tattoos or no tattoos.

However, how do terrible tattoos affect those who have them? Do people benefit from tattoo removal services in the hopes of getting their self-esteem back up? Keep reading below to find out the answers to these questions.

Do Tattoos Cause People to Have a Lower Self-Esteem?

Although the correlation between lower self-esteem and tattoos isn’t clear, having tattoos does prove that people tend to be more confident and sure of who they are. In another study, a group of people with tattoos has higher self-esteem than those who don’t have any. They are also more adventurous, creative, individualistic, and attractive overall.

However, the same does not apply to people with tattoos, but in a poorly done manner. Those who have either a dated tattoo or a tattoo that doesn’t look too polished or artistic may regret getting them in the first place. In effect, these people tend to cover up their tattoos to boost their self-esteem while they are in public.

How Does Tattoo Removal Help Regain Confidence?

There is nothing wrong with deciding on getting a tattoo removed from your body. It’s a personal choice everyone can make the same way they decided to get one in the first place. As long as you’re not happy with what’s on your body, it’s best to have it removed to prevent developing issues with your confidence and self-esteem.

For other people, tattoo removal services are more than making some things right again. Instead, getting their tattoos removed can help them land better opportunities in society. For example, specific jobs require their employees to have no tattoos anywhere in their bodies.

Although the stigma on tattooed workers is slowly debunked every day, some industries require them for compliance. People working in airlines would need to keep their tattoos hidden while they’re on duty. Attendants, for example, could have tattoos but only on the areas covered by their uniform to prevent passengers from seeing their inks.

As for others, getting their tattoo removed comes with a change of heart. Couples who are no longer together may have had their ex-partner’s name or face tattooed anywhere on their body. After the breakup or divorce, it’s time to let go of the past, and tattoo removal is an excellent help for that.


Having a tattoo removed is as easy as getting it. Cosmetic clinics now offer various methods for removing unwanted tattoos to give their patients a new start. However, people must choose the most effective way to ensure the best results for their skin type, tattoo, and lifestyle.

Laser and microdermabrasion are two of the most popular tattoo removal methods. The former uses high pulses of light to achieve the best results. Meanwhile, the latter removes the top layer of the skin, which holds the pigment in place.

Inkology offers another tattoo removal method, considered pain-free and does not require an invasive procedure. We offer a tattoo removal cream that aims to clear anyone’s skin from unwanted tattoos in a safe yet effective way. Say goodbye to all the memories tied with your bad tattoos today, and start fresh on a new journey! Visit our website to learn more about the best tattoo removal cream in the market.

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