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Factors You Should Consider Before Removing an Old Tattoo

Sometimes, we make choices that we want to change as time goes on. This can apply to tattoos, too. Whether it’s a drunken mistake you made when you were young, or you simply want to get rid of a timeworn piece, tattoo removal is your best bet.

You should note that this process can be much more difficult than simply getting a new tattoo. It involves numerous sessions and a lot of care to prevent scarring and infection. Plus, it’s more painful than getting inked.

However, because of new technology, the process is much more accessible now. If you’re looking to get your old ink ‘erased,’ then make sure you know some of these important notes first.

An Older Tattoo is Easier to Remove

There are a lot of reasons why an older tattoo will be easier to get rid of. Your body naturally breaks down the ink over time because it is still a foreign material. This means there’s literally less ink that needs to be removed because the body has already partly done the work.

On top of that, an older tattoo is likely to have seen a lot more exposure and exfoliation. With UV rays and external friction, your tattoo will inevitably fade through the years. A faded tattoo is easier to remove than a bright and fresh one.

Color Is Harder to Get Rid Of

Black and white tattoos are easier to remove because they are more receptive to the laser. As they absorb light, it will be easier for them to respond to the removal. Even darker tones will accept the laser, so the process will be efficient.

Full-color tattoos with more than one color involved will require different wavelengths. It may seem ironic because colors visually seem to fade quicker, but they respond less to light. So, if you have different colors involved, you’ll need different sessions for each color. Even if you just have a single color, the matching wavelength will be necessary and extended sessions will be needed.

You Need to Take Layers Into Account

Some artists use more than one layer when applying ink. This depends on the shading and lining of the tattoo. The more layers were used, the longer it will take to remove.

Bigger Tattoos Will Be Done in Sections

It’s natural to need more sessions when you have a larger tattoo. The size will determine how many sessions you’ll be needing because you can’t target every section at once. Professionals will choose to target sections at a time instead of trying to cover more ground in longer sessions.

This simply protects you from more inflammation and risk of infection.

Where Your Tattoo Is Matters

You should note that the location of your tattoo will also indicate the level of difficulty during the removal process. Tattoos that are farther away from the heart will have less circulation, especially since the ink itself won’t be able to break down quite as easily.

Final Thoughts

If your heart is set on getting rid of your old ink, there should be no stopping you from getting the procedure done. It’s relatively safe, and you can get cheap tattoo removal options today without risking health because of the advancements in the field. Whether you go for topical solutions or go the laser route, discuss the pros and cons with your provider to make the right choice.

Nervous about going for surgery? You can help the process further to lessen your needed sessions by using the best tattoo removal cream by Inkology. We offer skin-friendly creams at reasonable prices to effectively help remove your tattoo. Check out our products now to fix those ink woes.

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