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Answers to Frequently Asked Queries on Laser Tattoo Removal

Running a tattoo removal shop requires lots of learning on your part. Customers will be asking a lot of questions about the process, and you want to be able to answer all of them sufficiently.

Whether you are a business owner in this industry or someone looking at getting a tattoo removed soon, read on. We have compiled a list of the most common questions about laser tattoo removal that should help you be more confident in asking patient queries or undergoing the procedure.

Can a Tattoo Be Revised?

It is common for many individuals with a tattoo to get theirs revised instead of completely removed. This procedure can certainly be done. You can discuss all of the available options with your artist so you can make an informed decision.

How Long Will It Take to Remove a Tattoo?

Most patients want to get a tattoo removed before an important event in their life. It is natural for them to wish for a quick tattoo removal process, but you must know about the reality that it may take longer than you’re expecting.

The process of completely removing tattoos will heavily depend on your body’s ability to eliminate the ink from your skin. An established and well-regarded tattoo removal centre will be upfront about this, and their experts will tell you what you should expect.

How Much Will Laser Tattoo Removal Cost?

For the business owner: Competitive pricing is crucial in the business and will be one of the main influences on potential clients’ decisions. It’s best to establish a transparent rates structure that lets you answer your patient’s price questions in a straightforward manner. During the consultation with them, it is best to focus on the procedure’s value rather than what you will charge them. Make sure to promote the minimum price across your channels but be confident about adjusting it based on the procedure the client needs to undergo. Assure them that you are experienced in what you do and utilize only the best equipment.

For the customer: Typically, removing a tattoo can cost about ten times as much as getting one, and it’s normal to feel a bit of sticker shock. Again, you can discuss all of these details with your artist—it may be more affordable and practical to get a cover-up instead. But if you truly want to get the tattoo removed, it’s best to prepare your wallet.

Will the Tattoo Removal Hurt?

It is almost impossible to undergo this procedure without pain, but many patients say that laser tattoo removal is much less painful than a regular tattoo appointment. The level of pain will largely depend on your tolerance and experience with tattoo application and removal. Although the procedure may hurt, rest assured that the pain will be bearable, especially as you’ve already experienced getting a tattoo.

Will There Be a Scar after the Procedure?

Most scars that are left after tattoo removal are, in fact, from its original application. So if your skin has already been scarred because of your tattoo, this scar will remain. Otherwise, it is rare for scarring to occur during removal as long as the correct laser protocols and aftercare are followed to the letter.


At one point, your tattoo was a very important part of you. However, circumstances change, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to get ink permanently removed from your skin. This is an entirely normal experience, and you have nothing to feel bad about.

When discussing options with tattoo removal experts, it’s best to ask all the questions you want and keep asking until you get clear answers that will cement your decision. Before anything else, you must feel comfortable with the procedure you are about to undergo.

If you’re looking for the best tattoo removal cream that offers a pain-free experience, turn to Inkology Tattoo Removal Centre. We are a certified tattoo removal product provider that ships throughout the US and to select international destinations. Shop with us today!

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